About Us

This project came about when several STEM faculty from three different GLCA (Great Lakes College Association) Liberal Arts Colleges were discussing the time and energy required to find good video demonstrations of laboratory and data analysis techniques and tools to use in training students and for pre-lab instruction.  It occurred to us that if we collaborated in finding resources and took the time to curate them in one easy to use web-site that we could save each other time in the long run and perhaps help the STEM teaching community at-large.  Thus was born “TeachScienceMethods.info”.

This project is funded by the Great Lakes College Association’s “Expanding Collaborations” grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  We gratefully acknowledge all the support we have received from GLCA without which we could not have put this website together.

Our fondest hope is that you will use the site in your instruction and that you will help us rate the videos and suggest other videos and even other categories or disciplines to be added to the site.  Your suggestions are encouraged and welcomed.  You can submit resources using the form on the “Submit” page on this site or contact us at:  teachsciencemethods@gmail.com

Current Site Curators:

Katie Corker, Psychology, Kenyon College

Alice Deckert, Chemistry, Allegheny College

Simon Garcia, Chemistry, Kenyon College

Martin Madsen, Physics, Wabash College

Regina Truss, Chemistry, Kalamazoo College

Front Page Image credits:

Biology image:  www.dreamstime.com
Chemistry image: www.flickr.com/photos/wheatfields/2074121298/
Physics image:  www.aui.edu/pr.php?id=20080993
Psychology image:   https://flic.kr/p/84GoJ5